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12 Febbraio 2020
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27 Febbraio 2020

“Italy, beauty to share” the new Visit Italy video excites the world

In these days has been launched online a video designed to inexorably let anyone fall in love with Italy exposed to his vision. A new idea of video made exclusively with content shared on Instagram by travelers.

The new video of Visit Italy, the online guide to Italy, is rocking online. In the video the emotions that a visit to Italy can convey are told very well through the most beautiful content shared by travelers on Instagram. Rest on a sailing ship off Capri, have breakfast in a b&b in Matera or watch the sunset in Positano. The sensations that this peninsula arouses in those who visit it, are comparable to love, as the narrator says in the video. A video that in less than 24 hours has gone viral and is thrilling users all over the world, as can be read from the thousands of comments on the channel’s official facebook page.

Here is the video in the English language version:

Marco Palermo
Marco Palermo
Specializzato in comunicazione strategica e brand storytelling, ho lavorato con compagnie come Motorola, eBay ed Ubisoft. Vivo a Milano, sono appassionato di sport e non ho mai perso un match dell’Olimpia Milano.